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Welcome to Felex's Web 歡迎光臨 !


I joined the local soccer club recently and discovered that it's not just for rich kids and sissies! In fact, soccer is a very demanding endurance sport and, when played right, requires a great deal of coordination and individual performance.

My Team
The local SURREY soccer club may not have a lot of members, but it's certainly got heart! The team spirit in this club is great, and you need that in a soccer team if you want to get ahead.

Photos: My team playing against the league leaders, our keeper preventing a goal, celebrations after the match


The club has members of all ages and skill levels, and everyone brings their own set of skills to the team. My strength is my endurance, and I'm getting better at the footwork every day.


Other players are better at working out the tactics, their positioning on the field and so on, and a good coach has to know how to set up the team so that everyone works in harmony to the best of their abilities.

Upcoming Events

Don't miss our upcoming open-house tournament! Anyone is invited to sign up, teams are assigned randomly and the winner gets a one-year gym membership for free. This is a fun family event open to all ages, so bring the kids and get to know the joys of soccer!

Here is a list of our upcoming games:

Date Home Away Venue
9/25 FC Red West United West Park Field
10/2 City FC
FC Red Empire Stadium

Game Results


Here is a list of our latest game results.

Date Home Away Result
9/5 FC Empire West United 4–0
9/3 Kickers FC Red 1-1
8/20 City FC FC Empire 2–1
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