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Horse and Rider

I've been interested in horses ever since I can remember. I've always admired their strength and mysterious nature. My first vacation out on my grandfather's ranch further strengthened my fascination with horses as I learned how to ride, feed and groom them. If I was enthusiastic about horses as a child, in my teen years I wanted to take it even further: I didn't just want to ride horses, I wanted to know them.


My Horse Lexie

Since it is very expensive to buy your own horse, my grandfather left me one of his to take care of at the ranch. The horse's name is Lexie, and she’s an American quarter horse. I usually spend three afternoons with her every week: I take her riding, groom her and fill her trough.

American quarter horses are strong and compact horses that are well-suited for beginners and advanced riders alike. Lexie has a calm temper, but given free rein she can sprint short distances at great speeds. Lexie and I get along very well.

Although I'm happy with the current arrangement, I know my grandfather won't always be around to let me ride his horses. I've been saving my box tops so that one day I might be able to buy my own horse. When I'm ready, I'll make sure to deal only with experienced breeders, since the purchase of a horse carries some risks.

You have to be aware that you're taking responsibility for a living creature, and you really have to take care of it. You need to have enough time for it, and it will always involve significant expenses and a sustained commitment.

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