Welcome to Felex's Web 歡迎光臨 !
Welcome to Felex's Web 歡迎光臨 !

My Birthday

My birthday is, of course, always a very special day for me. I like to start it off by sleeping in. Then I go for an extravagant brunch with some of my best friends, and from midday I build up the energy for a party in the evening.

The Party

To make sure my party is a success, the combination of atmosphere, food and drinks has to be perfect. I organize the food and drink a few days in advance, earlier if possible – that way there's sure to be enough for everyone. Of course, to get the right atmosphere, you need music. A mix of the best songs from the last few years always goes down well.


The Essential Details of My Party

Date 07.24.
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: Festival hall in SURREY
Music: Rock, pop, funk and house with DJ Tom
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